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She's got funky finger but she's givin' him sex - So
His Liberian Gurl
BAD era Michael is mah hubby, aight?. Blog basically speaks for itself, whatchu see is what I ❤❤/obsess over or find appealing atm. Multifandom (MJFam,iVIP, SOLmate,Blackjack)
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BAD just came out on VH1 Classics and I let out a loud groan...  despite the fact that I’ve been stuck here all day reblogging Michael’s pics and videos….I need halp


• • Posted on Mar 29th 2013 at 9:19pm with 14 notes • •
• • Tagged as #i really need halp #lmao #but I ain't even sorry #bad shortfilm #vh1 classic • •
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    y’all better not start nothing cuz Imma end up apreganant
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    Like last night XD, what a night that was
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    LMBO!! you mean gurls…I’m watching this is it that just came on tv, so my mind’s in the gutter AGAIN

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